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Allison Bell
Anthem: $1.4 billion in Cigna deal admin savings
Article posted by Allison Bell
Provider management services exec sees merging insurers as "pretty much brain dead."

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Health Care Reform »

Allison Bell
Rosie the caregiver: 10 ways to help her rivet our LTC ship together
Article posted by Allison Bell
How do we support the women who will be mobilizing for the coming battle against long-term care costs?

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Medicare and Medicaid »

Ingrid Case
How Medicaid has evolved in 50 years
Article posted by Ingrid Case
Medicaid turns 50: Where is it going, where has it been?

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Long Term Care »

Andrew Gilmore
How do business owners spell plan B? BOE.
Article posted by Andrew Gilmore
Agents — believe it or not, your business owner clients probably know more than you do when it comes to planning for contingencies.

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Disability insurance »

Stephen D. Forman (LTCA)
Your next LTCI sales idea: 'The use it or lose it fallacy'
Article posted by Stephen Forman
For someone to argue that the recent deceleration in sales is the result of a use it or lose it feature is not only to fail to grasp today’s market dynamics, but also to misunderstand the very concept of insurance itself.

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