Marketing final expense and mortgage protection with direct mailArticle added by Thomas Emmerson on October 25, 2011
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Neither telemarketing, nor pre-recorded voice broadcasting, nor newspaper, nor on-line click programs have the ability to engage consumers in the marketing process like direct mail.

There are two things we can say with certainty. First, everyone needs insurance. Second, although a consumer may no longer have a landline phone in lieu of a cell phone, no one is petitioning Congress to take away their mailbox.

Final expense and mortgage protection are the easiest forms of insurance to market to consumers via direct mail. Eventually, everyone must deal with final expenses and how they will protect their family at the end of life. Consumer action is naturally born from a fear of being a burden. This makes direct mail a perfect fit to market these two insurance types.

The federal government pays $255 as a death benefit. The average funeral costs are around $9,000. Direct mail marketing is an effective way to explain the costs, weigh the benefits and market final expense insurance.

With the number of foreclosures making news daily in these uncertain economic times, it makes sense for an agent to use mortgage protection direct mail to target prospects. Consumers need very little persuasion to convince them they need both final expense and mortgage protection insurance.

Death is a sensitive subject, and finesse is necessary when approaching marketing to consumers for this need. No one likes to be reminded that death is certain, and this leaves many funeral homes choosing not to market.

Insurance agents need a solid foot-in-the-door plan to speak to consumers about these certain, sensitive life issues. This plan should include empathetic direct mail, a series of conversations and a contract signing. Customers want to be reassured their life will end with decency, peace and that they will not become a burden to their family and friends.

There are many types of lead programs available for insurance agents today. Direct mail results in the highest number of appointments because the consumer is involved in the response. Neither telemarketing, nor pre-recorded voice broadcasting, nor newspaper, nor on-line click programs have the ability to engage consumers in the marketing process like direct mail.

Let’s say your direct marketing program asks a lead to complete a short questionnaire. As the consumer invests time in your form, their interest for your offered product grows. When that response is returned to you, there is little chance the customer will forget filling out that questionnaire.

The customer knows you are going to call and they actually want the information you have to provide. After a series of conversations and a contract signing, your new customers are ready to recommend you without reservation to their friends and family.

These recommendations are free extensions of your direct mail. Following up with an appreciation direct mail piece for closing business is appropriately used to ask for referrals or extending an offer based on the number of referrals a person brings to you.

There are three reasons agents and brokers need to hire a direct mail expert:
    1) Direct mail experts can obtain accurate contact-lead information.

    2) Direct mail experts can create a worthwhile, attention-grabbing mail piece.

    3) Direct mail experts can keep a steady flow of marketing in the mail so leads turn continuously.
Producing a letter and stuffing it in an envelope is nothing more than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best — it will not return leads looking for more information. Is there an easier sale than locating and marketing to a prospect actually looking for what you have to offer?

Your recipe for success in this economy is to work smarter, not harder. When you partner with a direct mail expert to market final expense and mortgage protection insurance there is less work that earns you more income.

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