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How does accountability make a positive impact on the success of your business? Take a look at the four top distinguishing factors of business owners who use accountability to get results.

Top distinguishing factors of business owners who integrate accountability into their lives
    1. Taking full responsibility for action and non-action

    2. Organized, productive and efficient in time management and task completion

    3. Accept full responsibility for their actions or non-actions in life and in business

    4. They understand that nothing comes without discipline and diligence — they never quit.
Highly motivated

Procrastination is at fault for many business failures, and guess who’s responsible for procrastination? Yep, you guessed it: You and only you. Understand how to use accountability to build success by taking full accountability for your action and non-action.

Learn what drives your motivation to succeed and exploit it. Maybe you want to retire by age 50, pay for your children’s education without going into debt, or pay off your mortgage so you can put more money toward your retirement fund. Whatever the reasons are that drive your motivation, stay connected to them so you can leverage that motivation to avoid procrastination and keep going until you succeed.

Organized, productive and efficient

Every successful entrepreneur understands that organized and efficient productivity is an essential part of leveraging time and energy. You cannot build a business wasting time or spinning your wheels. You have to learn how to do the most in the least amount of time and with the least amount of energy.

When you integrate accountability into everything you do, there is no finger to point at anyone but yourself. Taking that responsibility will naturally drive you to put your best efforts forward and keep you organized, productive and efficient.

If you’re truly a procrastinator at heart, you may have to bribe yourself with a reward to get things done. For example, don’t allow yourself to go to lunch until you complete three of the five tasks on your to-do list. Another example may be to allow yourself to take a three-day weekend if you meet your goal(s) for the month.

Alternatively, you may have to retraining yourself about unproductive behavior. For example, say you procrastinated or wasted time and didn’t accomplish your goals for the day, week, or month. To retrain your mind to think in an efficient manner, create a competition with yourself to accomplish a task faster than you have in the past. Use a stopwatch or timer to keep track of your time. The next time you have to do that task, try to beat your old record. Do that each time until you refine the process enough to become highly efficient. Don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of doing it faster. You can become quicker and still maintain quality.

Accept full responsibility

Accountability and wealth go hand-in-hand. When you learn how to use accountability to build success, you’ll begin to see just how much power you have in creating your own reality. Set realistic goals, but be sure to stretch yourself a little.;Say you need to net $4,000 each month for personal expenses and an additional $3,000 for business overhead If you need to net a total of $7,000 per month, stretch yourself and shoot for a minimum of $10,000 in sales each month.

Throughout the workday, remind yourself that you are the only one responsible for your reality and take full responsibility for your action or non-action. If you do not meet your goals for the month, don’t beat yourself up. Make a list of the actions you took or didn’t take and identify where you can make improvements. Use the experience to learn how to refine your actions for better results next time, and use it to set new goals.

Discipline and diligence

Accountability is a major key to improving discipline and diligence, and with that comes improved results. When you understand that the buck stops here, accountability suddenly provides a very clear picture that discipline and diligence will produce results.

Never, ever quit until you succeed.

It’s up to you to take the actions required to achieve your goals. Successful business owners are disciplined for a reason — it’s because their diligence produces results. You must consistently become your own motivator and cheerleader, although it can be challenging at times to do so.

The truth is that when most of us are left to our own devices, we let too many distractions keep us from the activities we know we need to do.  Groups (or coaching) can provide you with support when you need to push through fear or doubt and take action to get the results you desire.

Joining a mastermind or accountability group is vital to your success. As a member of a mastermind or accountability group (or as a coaching client), you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who can hold you accountable for your actions or non-actions.

You will always need help in evolving and improving your life and business, and accountability is the only way to achieve your goals.
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