Highlighting plan features is key when contacting health insurance prospectsBlog added by Troy Wilson on April 23, 2012
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You’ve probably read almost everything there is to know about sales. You know which phrases to use and which to avoid. You’re practiced being friendly, but professional.

You know how to social proof your agency so that people who don’t jump on board feel like they’re missing out on something big. There is, though, one factor that frequently gets overlooked in sales training: information about the product you are selling.

It’s important to know your policies backwards and forwards and to be able to tweak them to meet customer needs. In the end, a prospect might like you very much, but if your sales message is thin, he or she is likely to buy from someone else. Knowing policy features is important for many reasons.


Listening to what your prospect wants is the first step in any selling process. The second step is taking that feedback and showing the prospect exactly how your plans can benefit him or her in a way that your competitors’ plans might not. The more hard data you can provide in your presentation, the more likely a prospect is to turn into a loyal client.

Trust and credibility

Suppose you are about to get on a plane and you ask the pilot a question about the cruising altitude. The pilot stumbles over his words, talks about weather conditions that might come into play, and finally admits that someone else has that information. Are you going to become a frequent flyer of that airline? Probably not.

That’s the same way your health insurance prospects feel when you can’t answer questions about the key features of the plan you are selling.

Easy decision making

If you know exactly what you can offer your health insurance prospects, you make life easier for each other. If you absolutely can’t tweak your benefits to meet the prospect’s needs, it’s better to get that message across early.


Even if you can’t help one specific prospect, your sales message may be strong enough to win his or her respect and encourage him to refer others to your agency.

Take on the role of a go-to person

If you are willing to sit down and go over the features of your health insurance plans with your prospective client, they will feel like you are someone who cares by going the extra mile. If you sign them up for a plan then your extra effort paid off, but if they need to discuss it more with others or take time to think about different plans, they will know exactly which agent went the extra mile when they are off shopping or need to ask questions.
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