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Good insurance sales professionals know that in order to really get ahead they need to employ a number of different tactics when it comes to following up with leads, whether those leads were generated as a result of an Internet interaction, a phone campaign or are purchased from a leads broker. The most popular ways to follow up is via email.

Email campaigns work very well, but only if you get the content just right. By content, we mean the actual copy.

Attractive graphics are nice, but your prospect won’t even see them until they open the email. If the written content is not gripping enough to grab attention, then the email is deleted, no matter how great the graphics look.

To avoid having your marketing emails trashed before they are read, ask yourself these five questions before you send out your next campaign:
    1. What is it that I want the reader (insurance or financial services prospect) to do?

    Most of the emails you will send want to provoke insurance prospects to do something. Identify one important action and make sure it is the focus of your message.

    2. Why should the reader take the action I am suggesting?

    In other words, what’s in it for them? Don’t offer a laundry list of benefits right now — pick one that is compelling and build your message around it.

    3. Is my subject line the kind to grab attention?

    Busy professionals have crowded inboxes. Your message has only 3-5 seconds to stand out from the crowd. Spend time crafting a great subject line, as it contains the important words in the whole message. When composing yours, remember this — the best subject lines tell what’s inside, and the worst subject lines sell what’s inside.

    4. How long will my email message take to read?

    Great, your subject line was good enough to get your insurance lead to open your email. But will they actually read it? Short, sweet and to the point is what you are aiming for. If your reader is faced with tons of copy, they are likely to decide your message will take up too much time to read and skip over.

    5. Is my call to action clear?

    Some emails look great, they read well, their subject lines are compelling, but then they let themselves down because the call to action is not clear enough. Do you want your prospect to call you? Then make sure your phone number is prominently displayed, not just at the bottom of your signature. Want them to go to a certain website? Add a big link button that makes it easy for them to do so.
By asking yourself these five questions and then acting on the answers, your next email campaign to generate insurance leads will get you the improved responses you are looking for.
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