Financial advisor marketing: Where will you be, and what do you want?Article added by Annette Bau on April 25, 2012
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The secret to success is to identify what’s missing and then create a plan to correct it.

Financial advisor marketing secret no. 1: Where will I be?

One of the most important questions I was asked early in my financial advisory career was, “Where will you be if you keep doing what you are doing?”

To find the answer to this question, my colleague and friend, Judy Willodson, asks each new prospect, “If you continue doing what you are doing, where will you be in five years?”

The answer to that question is one of the most important pieces of information you need to achieve success in your advisory firm and life.This question and the answer are critical to a successful financial marketing plan (especially if you do something to ensure you’ll end up where you want to be in five years).

After identifying where you are, as well as where you will likely be if you continue doing what you are doing, the next step is to identify the missing pieces in your financial advisor marketing plan. In advising and speaking to tens of thousands of advisors, agents, independent services providers and small business owners, I've found that most required changes are minor not major. The secret to success is to identify what’s missing and then create a plan to correct it.

Financial advisor marketing secret no. 2: What do I really want?

To achieve any goal or dream, we must first decide what we want. Unfortunately, too many advisors and agents do not know what they really want. Many know what they don’t want, but ask them what they do want, and they’ll respond with an answer such as, “Now that is an interesting question.”

Because the answer is critical to our creating the future we desire, we must find the answer.

When we take the time to determine what we want, personally as well as professionally, we dramatically increase the odds of achieving it. Spending time in a quiet place is an effective strategy to discover what you really want.

First, identify a location that is quiet, such as in nature or a room without distractions. Begin by breathing. This will slow your mind and thoughts. Next, close your eyes and visualize your ideal life and business. Since there is no right or wrong (other than not doing it), dream big.

Another effective strategy for determining what you want is the releasing of mental blocks and core beliefs. This strategy provides insight for getting answers to your biggest challenges, as well as releasing mental blocks and core beliefs.

A key component of this exercise consists of writing the question with your dominant hand and then answering the question with your non-dominant hand.

Begin writing for 10 minutes each day, and then increase it up to 30 minutes. The key is to consistently write until you find the answer. You will know you have found the answer because you will experience it in your reality. This strategy is effective to determine what you want in every aspect of your life, personally as well as professionally.

The goal isn’t perfection. Just take the time to ask the question, find the answer, enjoy the process and make modifications as needed.

The key is for you to determine what you really want, and then create your financial advisor marketing plan to ensure you will get it.
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