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In part one of this series, I detailed the importance of valuing your team, and in part two, I discussed the idea of going against the herd. Here is the last of the top three traits of successful leaders.


The third top quality of successful leaders is commitment. Business owners who are committed to watching their businesses succeed rise above the challenges that are thrown their way. No matter what the circumstance, they approach challenges only as opportunities to learn how to do things better — and they never waver. Only a team that is led by a strong, committed leader will succeed.

This is the time when you are more than a business owner; you are a leader. Whether or not you realize it, your team is watching you and will follow your lead. Panic under pressure, and they will follow suit. Remain calm, focused and determined, and your team will rise to the occasion. Be a source of inspiration to your team by holding your head high at all times.

During weekly staff meetings, be sure to voice your pleasure with the things that are working well and thank your team for their efforts. Convey that things are only going to get better and that you are committed to the success of your team. Be honest and tell them the truth. It will go a long way.

It all boils down to the fact that successful leaders cannot be dissuaded from their values. When you hold value in your team, stay true to your vision (even when it means going against the herd), and commit to success, you will achieve your business goals. You can develop these top qualities of successful leaders by ensuring that you’ve got:
  • a solid team that takes pride in their efforts
  • commitment to your unique vision
  • a solid strategy for growing your business
Action step:

Are you truly committed to your values? Does your business force you to take action that is not in line with your true values? If it does, it’s time to change that. Revisit your values and what’s most important to you. If need be, restructure your business to support those values so you no longer have to go against them.

It is true when they say that owning your own business is one of the toughest personal growth periods of your life. You will not only become a business owner, but you will also become a leader, visionary and savvy business strategist. While these simultaneous roles are challenging, they will hopefully provide the springboard to a better you, a more successful you — and a more successful business.
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