How can you invest in a market with no rules?Blog added by Cal Burgess on August 29, 2011
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Imagine walking into a casino and placing a bet on blackjack, just to find out that the house changed the rules to make blackjack (21) to 19. So when you get an ace and a face card you bust. Would you continue to play in a casino when the house constantly is changing the rules?

Let’s take a quick look at Wall Street.

1) Wall Street is rallying in anticipation of what Ben Bernanke will say at a conference specifically designed not to set near-term policy.

2) The future of the European banking crisis is dependent on a system with no centralized power whatsoever. 

3) Since the initial federal stimulus we have failed to create a jobs program, with no evidence of a economic recovery, and with consumer confidence at a 31-year low. 

4) Last but not least our elected officials have taken the month off as if they have already done their job (why should they care as they have full medical coverage and a pension for life?).

Given these facts, how can you invest your money in a financial world with no rules? Not to mention most economists (most of who have Wall Street ties) argue the reality of a double dip recession, but all agree on very little, if any, growth over the next decade.

Why would you subject your portfolio to this environment when you can guarantee yourself a personal pension that will never lose a penny of your money moving forward? Without financial certainty like the flexible pension plan or the tax advantaged strategy, your financial goals are left to the odds of the house that can change the rules of the game as they please. Eliminate all of this turmoil by guaranteeing the odds in your favor, making sure the rules are set in advance.

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