Are you insane? Could that be causing low ROIs?Blog added by Sarah Carlson on October 4, 2011
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The definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein is “doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.” So often in our businesses we continue to keep the same processes in place and habitually refrain from changing the broken systems we know exist.

We do this mainly because of fear of failure. Sometimes it can be attributed to being busy – lacking the time necessary to evaluate the current systems which are flawed and seek out viable solutions. Either way, taking the time to review our processes and results, identify the flaws and areas we choose to change or improve (yes, even the best of us occasionally have holes in our systems), and create new and improved processes will streamline and improve the way we do business.

With broken systems come large amounts of frustration and inefficiency. For example, if we are continually paying for a marketing program that produces low results or ROIs, yet it is our only marketing plan. Perhaps this is because it is easy, or mindless, or popular according to industry gurus, yet it is habitual and produces minimal results. Therefore, can we be defined as insane for not changing the system?

We all have goals, dreams and aspirations of where we want to be and visions of where we want our businesses to be. Yet our lack of desire to hold up the magnifying glass to assess where we are and what could be holding us back prevents many of us back from reaching those goals.

It could be any number of things: marketing plans (as stated in my previous example), initiative, flawed processes, equipment issues, business models and the like.

Identifying the broken pieces and taking the time to evaluate where the holes are and not only creating solutions to fix the systems, but actually implementing them is the key to advancing towards your goals dreams and aspirations. Take these steps, do your own weekly, monthly or quarterly review to keep both your business and personal headed where you want life to be.

Break the cycle, stop the insanity, take a moment to pause. Really look at each part of the current business model you have, address each specific area, find the holes, and then create and implement viable solutions. Don’t be afraid of failure; without failure success cannot come.

We learn and grow from the mistakes we make. Without exploration and some degree of failure, we would be stuck forever in a stagnant state. Reach for what you seek to achieve and don’t fear change. Hold yourself accountable with your own review, and great things will occur.

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