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The best way to get ready to design (or redesign) your website is to do a little prep work. Many people find Web design quite daunting and complicated, and with good reason. It can be challenging to assemble the necessities to get started; but with the right team in place, it won't be nearly as difficult as it may seem.

Website design guru David Parrelli offers a few suggestions for advisors who are getting ready for a new website. This isn’t his first rodeo — David has built hundreds of excellent websites for advisors. Over the years, he has produced a range of digital campaigns, ensuring that each project meets the exact requirements and needs of the client.

The biggest obstacle people run into when tackling Web design or redesign is not knowing what they want. David says, “Clients who don’t know what they want aren’t usually prepared to make decisions about the site, and generally that leads to a delay in the entire process.”

If you’re an advisor considering a new website in the near future, David encourages you to begin by planning now. Consider these ideas in order to streamline your upcoming Web design project.

1. Do some research

“Having a good idea of what you want your website to look like will help the design team produce a website that matches exactly what you’re after,” says David. He suggests taking a critical look at websites you love (and loath) to help figure out what you want your website to be like. Is there a layout that will be best suited to the site’s goals? What type of navigation will make your site most functional? These are all questions that the team building your website will ask. Make the design process easier by first answering these questions on your own.

2. Hire a photographer

“People are more inclined to trust companies that provide a personal touch by showing who is operating the business. Portraying this through imagery is a powerful way to engage your audience,” says David.

High-quality photos of real people (as opposed to stock images) are one of the best touches you can add to your website. Make sure to include people from your team (high-net worth individuals love working with teams). Doing this in advance ensures that the images will be ready to go when the design process begins.

3. Write content

Both people and search engines visit your site to find one thing: information! If you haven’t updated your biography in a while, now is the time to do it. Have some content prepared before you commence the design process. This will ensure that the design team will be able to deliver your website quickly and efficiently.
What are the essentials? According to David, “An up-to-date bio and information about your company, team members, and your services are all useful to have readily available.”

4. Determine functionality

“What do you want to achieve out of your website?” asks David. “It is worth brainstorming a few goals so you have a clear direction for your site.” If you want your website to act as an online business card to validate your firm and provide contact information, that requires different kinds of information than a website where clients will be engaged and regularly logging in. Determining how to use your website should be part of the cornerstone of a firm’s marketing plan.

5. Be prepared to spend a little time on it

“Most importantly, be willing to devote some time to work with the team during the production process. The goal is to deliver a superior website that you’ll love, and the best way to achieve this is through teamwork,” says David. The goal of any great production team is to make the production process as seamless and easy for you as possible. However, in the end, it is your website and it needs your input.
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