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Due to the holiday bustle and some weather-related travel delays, you may have taken a break this week from traipsing around the Web for interesting reads. Let us share a handful of articles we've found — many honing in on the looming fiscal cliff, as we near the year's end.

You're a Mean One, Congress: How the Fiscal Cliff Stole Christmas
(The Atlantic)
"For a while, it seemed that there was a split between businesses and ordinary consumers when it came to how they viewed cliff. Corporations, which tend to take the long view on the economy, have been pulling back on investment in things like software and machinery for months. But consumers have kept on spending, which has helped buoy growth. Now, if Christmas holiday spending is any indicator, it appears families have gotten nervous as well."

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013

Variable Annuity Outlook 2013: Tough Road Ahead
"Indeed, high-net-worth advisors, especially, have long been skeptical of annuities, in particular the way in which they were traditionally priced. But companies like Jefferson National now offer a pricing structure that fits with their business model, and more advisor are taking a fresh look at what annuities have to offer."

Financial planners: How to survive fiscal cliff
"As Congress struggles to avert the fiscal cliff and its tax increases, financial planners are being peppered with questions from confused, worried or angry clients."

Does your adviser ask good questions?
(Wall Street Journal)
"When people get serious about preparing for retirement and later life, they invariably ask the same question: How do I find a good financial planner?"

Fiscal Cliff Could Cut Programs Crucial for Mentally Ill
(US News)
"Mental health experts also agree that cuts to Medicaid, which may be part of a grand bargain to avoid the fiscal cliff, could have major consequences for the mentally ill."

Five ways your health care will change in 2013
(The Washington Post)
"The Affordable Care Act’s biggest year is, without a doubt, 2014: That’s when the federal subsidies to purchase health insurance roll out. It’s also when penalties for not buying coverage kick in."

Philanthropy: You’re doing it wrong
"Here’s one idea: for every dollar you spend on overhead and payroll at your foundation, make sure that you donate a dollar earmarked for overhead and payroll somewhere else. Those are the funds which are always the hardest to raise, after all."

Financial Planners: Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar
"My wife and I had a lengthy conversation with the two owners of the firm and an associate. They asked us roughly 972 questions, which may sound tedious but was actually delightful."
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