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Recently, ProducersWEB conducted an email survey to determine how many of our members use social media in personal and professional settings, and whether or not their social media efforts in business had gained them any clients in the past year. The 123 respondents were composed of agents/advisors , marketers, broker-dealers, coaches/consultants, and “other." You can see the survey results in this infographic.

At the end of the survey, we asked participants if they would respond to an optional, free-form question about how they use social media. Here are some of their answers.

How do you use social media?

“We use social media to drive traffic to our website.”
— Michael, “other”

“I have a personal and business account with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I use all three to distribute information, and I have picked up several referrals.”
— Jeremy, agent

“To provide useful and timely information to clients, prospects and the online community in general. We promote providing value via social media and assisting advisors in improving their digital marketing efforts.”
— Greg, marketer

“I buy leads.”
— James, agent

“For monitoring the market.”
— Anna, coach

“At this point, I do not use it.”
— Robert, agent

“Our company uses social media to provide our brokers (or future brokers, hopefully) sales tips, client handouts, product information and industry articles.”
— Kelly, “other”

“Still getting a handle on social media. I use it to ensure that I have a presence.”
— Robert, agent

“I don't use it for outreach as much as I do to establish credibility. If someone wants to check me out they can look at my Facebook profile and see that I'm legit and established.”
— Russ, agent

“I don’t. It is a big mistake on my part.”
— Mimi, agent

“I have just started using social media, but I would have to say that I use social media to build brand awareness by posting news articles, product information and basic interest pieces.”
— AJ, agent

“I stopped using it due to lack of ROI.”
— Ronald, agent

“I don’t use it. Too much mindless chatter about nothing.”
— David, agent

“We post our e-newsletters on the social media sites.”
— Jim, agent
“To build trust and add value for our markets!”
— Philip, marketer

“Seldom. I'd like to use it more.”
— Anonymous, agent

“[I use it as] A leverage-able asset that can be used to bridge the gap with larger competitors with larger budgets.”
— Christopher, agent

“For branding my business hoping to increase SEO rank.”
— Tim, agent

“Just starting but limited due to broker-dealer restrictions.”
— David, agent

“I don’t use it.”
— Steve, marketer

“I don't know the best way.”
— Edward, agent

“Soft communication: It's all about credibility and expert status. We want to be well-positioned in the affinity market and agent pool. We receive very good feedback so we know that our public relations and public image is working, but we don't directly target agents or consumers in a particularly overt way.”
— Steve, marketer

“Sharing our blogs, participating in discussions, sharing industry news and content, inspirational/motivational messaging.”
— Paul, marketer

“We use it daily to reduce our call and email volumes.”
— Sheryl, “other”

“Still trying to figure this whole social media stuff out, but I think that the main use is to let everyone know who you are and not to sell insurance. I use pictures and information about my dogs and my dogs come to my office with me — great asset for conversations.”
—Jeanette, agent

“Mainly by posting relevant information with offers for information. I've found that many people enjoy the information, but won't act on it until they see me face to face!”
— Kurt, agent

“I need to strip my insurance out of my personal Facebook Page. I recently realized that having it layered does not work. I'm hopeful that I will learn a lot of useful information from ProducersWEB so that I continuously learn and improve my new-found career.”
— Steve, agent

“LinkedIn postings that are emailed by the group account administrator and as a subtext with video.”
— Steve, marketer

“We have a blog radio show and we basically spam our list to listen as well as post the show on mentioned social sites.”
— Anonymous, agent

“I haven't actively engaged in social media over the past year. I will initiate a social media platform Q1 of 2014 with 75 percent or more targeted toward LinkedIn.”
— Gabriel, marketer

“Blog posts, discussions, learning. But I don't see how you can get a real client from social media.”
— Roger, agent

“I contract with Yodle to promote my business across all demographics within a relatively close geographic area to my office. Working to appear on all searches on every platform in response to key search phrases.”
— Tony, agent
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