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No, I’m not talking about football. I’m talking about how you schedule your day.

What do I mean by blocking and tackling? Very simply you block like activities together:
  • You block out when you
are going to prospect.
  • When you are going to
meet with clients.
  • When you are going to do
your research.
  • When you are going to
work on proposals.
  • And even when you are
going to send emails.
So what happens when you block like activities together? It builds momentum.

Do you ever go home at the end of the day and you feel like the little steel ball inside of a pinball machine, bouncing from one bumper to the next. That’s what happens when you don’t block like activities together.

Block and tackle: Block like activities together and tackle when you are going to work on each activity. It will dramatically increase your confidence.
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