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For most independent insurance and annuity producers, there is the ever-present challenge of consistently getting in front of new prospects. If you hope to have a successful practice that makes you a lot of money, this piece of the puzzle must be solved.

The next challenge comes from getting referrals from those clients with whom you have already done business. Not an easy task either.

Buying leads always had its own set of challenges. Typically, there is a fair bit of upfront expense and once you burn through your leads, you have to pony up again for more leads. You are always thinking, “How much new business do I have to write to justify the expense of these leads”?

Due to online information, the American consumer is more educated than ever. When approaching a more informed consumer, an advisor faces greater challenges with new people than ever before.

Consumers want to make what they perceive as educated decisions, especially when it comes to personal finance. They also want to know what the agenda is of whoever is bringing the financial content.

Providing a prospecting platform built not only on financial education but on a debt elimination strategy can fill rooms. There is no shortage of workshops and seminars that speak to growing assets, but very few that address the other side of the balance sheet: debt. This is a subject that is on everybody’s mind, and very few advisors are talking about it. It represents an opportunity to create that unique value proposition that we all seek.

Imagine if you could have a way to put on a free financial education class and receive a feedback form from everyone in attendance. These are the types of workshop and lead generating practices that put butts in chairs, generate positive feedback from the audience and make getting referrals an automated process.
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