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We are often asked by new and old agents alike, "What does it take to become really successful in this business?" What I've learned over the years is that there is no one thing that, like a magic pill, will guarantee success. Instead, there is a series of little things that, when applied consistently, can help avoid failure.

In this series of articles, we will explore the strategies that will help you build a more successful and profitable business.

Strategy #1 is relationships. The relationships you build, nurture, and value could be the single most important success strategy in your business - and your personal life. While we cannot choose our family, we all make choices daily on who our friends are, who our idols are, who we hang out with, and who we choose to marry. These choices have an immeasurable effect on who we become and how we see ourselves. Just like the statement, "You are what you eat," you become like those with whom you choose to associate. The books you read, the TV shows you watch, the music you listen to, all combine like tiny threads to form a restraint - or a lifeline. Which one do you have?

Think of your relationships in three dimensions: imagine two intersecting lines - one vertical and one horizontal. Your vertical relationships would go up to the companies or marketing organizations with which you do business. Do you value and nurture these relationships? Do these organizations value their relationships with you? Are you perceived by them as a valued business partner or a pain to do business with?

The other end of the vertical line trends down to your clients or subordinates. Do you maintain a nurturing and respectful attitude with them? Are you a trusted advisor or a product peddler? How would they describe your relationship?

The horizontal line represents your family and friends. Do you take time to nurture these relationships or do you too often take them for granted? None of these relationships just happen - they take work. However, in times of need, the "lifelines" you've built will sustain you. A wise person once related it to me like this: think of your relationships in terms of a bank account. Make deposits frequently - compliment their work, thank them for the little things. As these deposits accumulate, they will be able to handle the eventual withdrawal better - you have a bad day, you need a special favor, etc. Do you personally know anyone who is running on an "overdrawn" emotional bank account?

Now, add a third axis to your intersecting lines. Think of this dimension as your spiritual relationship - in other words your moral compass. Every decision you make, every relationship you have will be guided, in part, by your moral compass. Do you have a "True North?" Are your choices governed by your moral compass? Consider your moral compass as your relationship with yourself.


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