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Once again, we found plenty of interesting content online this week. Let us know what you think and please share your own finds, as well.

Why Hagel Was Picked (The New York Times)

"Advocates for children, education and the poor don’t even try to defend their programs by lobbying for cutbacks in Medicare. They know that given the choice, voters and politicians care more about middle-class seniors than about poor children. So far, defense budgets have not been squeezed by the Medicare vise. But that is about to change."

The $2.7 trillion question: Are health-care costs really slowing? (The Washington Post)

"… something weird started happening in 2009, something that throws all of our budget debates into question: Health spending growth slowed."

How Some Financial Experts May Be Misleading Consumers (US News)

"U.S. News chatted with Olen about why she thinks national financial tutors like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey get it wrong, what financial advisers lie about the most, and just how dark the dark side of the personal finance industry is."

Annuity greed trumps common sense (WSJ MarketWatch)

"As the saying goes, "There's a sucker born every minute" — so don't be that next annuity sucker."

4 Groups of People That Probably Need More Life Insurance (AdvisorOne)

"Genworth says life insurance is the wrong place to cut the family budget."

How Safe is Your Life Insurance Company? (Fox Business)

"How can I find out if my money is safe? How can I learn about the health of the company? I am 77 years old and would like to leave the money where it is, but as I age, I have concerns."

16 Questions You Should Ask Your Financial Planner (Business Insider)

"According to financial planners themselves, here's what clients should be asking."

A Tale of Two Trustees (WealthManagement.com)

"We’re in a prevention-focused mindset when the idea is to stop bad things from happening … When in a promotion-focused mindset, we seek advancement, growth and gain.

Young And Doubly Insured: A Modern Health Dilemma (NPR)

"There may be worse problems to have, but overlapping health coverage can be a problem for young people nonetheless."
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