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Have you read an article on ProducersWEB and want to ask the author about a point they made or a product they mentioned? Or do you want to ask another member about their business, but don’t have their email address? Or would you like to send a message to all of your followers?

ProducersWEB’s Messaging feature allows you to send private messages to other members by following these steps:

Send a message to an author or member:
  • If you are on an article, blog or member profile page, just click the “send message” link in the left hand column under the member’s photo and name. Enter a message title in the subject box and then proceed to typing the body of your message. Then click send.

  • If you are elsewhere on the site and wish to quickly find your desired recipient, use the search tool in the upper right hand corner to find the member by name. When the member comes up under profile matches, click on their name. Once you are on their profile page, click the "send message" link in the left hand column. When the message box pops up, enter your message and click send.
Send a message to your followers:
  • Click on Messaging in the upper right corner of the site, which brings you to the Message Center. Click on the New Message button. The "To:" entry field has a drop-down box. Select "All My Followers" or one follower in particular. Enter a subject and your message and then click send. Make sure to use care when messaging all your followers, though. Excessive promotion can deter followers and is highly discouraged by the ProducersWEB edit team.
Respond to a message you receive:
  • Once you are in the Message Center, click on the message to which you want to respond. The message will drop near the bottom of your Message Center view. Then click Reply (along the top right corner of the message). A reply message box will pop up, with a default re: Subject title. Enter your message text and then click send.

If you have taken advantage of the Messaging feature already, you might have noticed a few improvements:
  • All notifications (new messages, new follower alerts, new comments, and content submission approval alerts) go straight to your Inbox.

  • The most recent message and/or notification is at the top of your list. To peruse older messages, scroll downward or click through your Inbox pages.

  • Next to your Inbox tab is a Sent tab, where you can conveniently reference past conversations.

  • Your Contacts are listed on the left sidebar. Click on a member's name and you will be presented with options to View Profile or Send a Message.

If you have any questions or feedback about the Messaging feature, please feel free to send me a message or email me at
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