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​Have you picked up the yellow pages lately? If not, it seems your not alone. Many people are sick of scanning the small fonts mixed with overblown listings, which usually still leave us all in the dark. Replace your wants with a quick Google search and getting what you need is not only simplified, but it’s direct, easy and pain free.

Creating a profitable lead funnel for your business shouldn’t be any different, and it’s not. By setting up a business listing on Google Places you’re essentially giving yourself a keyword rich, page-one landing page for potential clients to find you.

Here are a few steps to help you get started

Google Places setup:

Claiming your listing on Google places is relatively easy, and it’s free. The first step you want to take, (if you’re a non gmail user), is setup a new account to claim your business listing. Then go to Google Places and select “Claim Your Business Listing on Google” get started button. Remember, Google is smart so if it somehow has your business listed from scanning contact pages on your website, it’s okay, just select “edit” and clean up any errors you find and get down to optimizing the page.

Tips for optimizing web traffic:

Front page visibility

Since Internet searches are all about keywords, it’s critical to make your company description, service area and contact page as keyword rich as possible. One of the most direct ways to accomplish local search is by using your city, state with the keyword of your service, i.e., Louisville Kentucky Insurance Business. You can mix and match however you want but adding location and service words will position your business for more direct traffic.

Tip: Doing a quick competitor search with location will give you insight into what competitors are trying to rank for as well.

Importance of recommendations

Equally important to an effective keyword strategy is making sure you social proof your business page. Reason one is you want the customer to feel you’ve handled past business relationships with care. Especially when it comes to insurance policies.

Prospective clients want to be able to trust you when buying their policy. Taking the trust part out of the sales process early with recommendations will make your nurturing and closing efforts a lot easier, trust me. Reason two: having over five natural reviews will help you beat your competition for list rank. Being the first choice a customer sees and calls is worth big time money. Get recommendations.

Tip: Don't write fake reviews or recommendations. Google is smart and will scan these and kick your business page to the curb. Ask your customers, incentivize them or even challenge them to talk about your business online.

The growth of the Internet has made local the new global. Losing out on targeted traffic like this, that requires very little setup time is just being mindless about your business.

*If your already on Google Places find more directories like your local chamber of commerce. Think local web presence!*
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