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By Amanda McGrory-Dixon

While Aaron Davis, president of NextLogical Benefit Strategies in Westminster, Md., handles a full ancillary line, including dental, vision, life, and disability insurance as well as consumer-driven health plans, he finds that a strong focus on health insurance and wellness is especially important in today’s marketplace. The existence of many businesses is even threatened today because health care costs are rising so substantially.

“As a society, we’re getting older, and now we have to pay for all these drugs that go along with just becoming older, so it has a huge impact on health care costs,” Davis says.

Being a business owner, Davis says he has the flexibility to take his company in the necessary direction to help clients battle these rising costs.

In doing so, NextLogical Benefit Strategies practices a nontraditional, proactive approach in which many of his staff members are health care clinicians and experts in wellness, nutrition and behavior modification. With these knowledgeable staff members, NextLogical Benefit Strategies can identify those within employee populations who are driving up the costs and ensure they receive the proper level of care.

“We have been able to get in front of this,” Davis says. “We have clients with rates that have gone down for consecutive years instead of battling the fact that health care costs keep going up.”

Davis believes this proactive approach is particularly effective because many employees are not compliant with their medications and treatments, and this is often due to the high associated costs. To help employees remain compliant, NextLogical Benefit Strategies’ clinical team runs raw claims data to identify employees who could use coaching and support to become better patients. The clinical team then contacts the carrier to alert it of any risky employees.

“We’re trying to manage the totality of the dollar that the group is spending,” Davis says. “As a broker, we want to make sure our clients are getting everything out of their health plans that they purchased.”

With this interactive business model, Davis feels good about the future of NextLogical Benefit Strategies despite the problems in today’s health care market.

There is such a great need for lowering health care costs, and Davis’ take on the industry has proven that it can help employers reduce their spend and better manage the health of their employees.

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