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This week's picks include a piece on estate-planning through family meetings; trends in the financial services workplace; a look at the next hot job in insurance; tips for averting the long-term care crisis; a comparison of annuity sales to PPACA; and more.

Is your broker Breaking Bad? Five essential truths about financial advisors (Forbes)

“I am a former financial services salesman. For 25 years, some of the world’s largest banks and brokerage firms employed me as an investment advisor, and I made a good living selling investments to investors like you. Now I help people scrutinize their investment advisors.”

Hedging your bets on long-term care (MarketWatch)

“Long-term care insurance is often a tough sell. Many people don’t want to pay premiums on a policy that would only pay out if they become dependent in their old age. Partly in response to this reluctance, life insurance policies with a long-term care rider have soared in popularity as an alternative. But do these combination products make sense for boomers?”

The Obamacare ‘blueprint’ for selling annuities (LifeHealthPro)

“Variable and indexed annuities are complicated strategies that cannot be sold in a bullet-point fashion. Kudos to the annuity industry for implementing a universal “free look” policy that allows people to review the contract in full before fully accepting the terms. It’s too bad that we all don’t have the same option with Obamacare!”

Family meetings come of age (WealthManagement)

“You don’t have to be a blended family with a bunch of teenagers under one roof to need a family meeting (though it could certainly help if that’s your situation). They are especially useful for families in business together, with jointly owned assets, and those who are addressing estate-planning decisions… The advisor's ability to ‘check one’s ego’ at the door and suspend judgment of other's views, will go a long way in setting the right tone for the family.”

Why a pension case will not change private equity law (New York Times)

“It is true that the ruling could potentially have important implications for the private equity and growth capital industry within the Erisa context, even though it applies only in the First Circuit. But it is pure speculation to assume this will have any bearing on established tax law that has been in place for a century.”

Top 8 workplace trends in the financial services industry (Forbes)

“Over the next few years, you will see significant changes in this industry with the rise of mobile banking, social networking, the millennial generation and the talent gap. Below, I’ve captured eight of the biggest workplace trends that executives and HR leaders should pay attention to if they want to succeed now and in the future.”

6 tips for averting America’s looming long-term care crisis (PBS) [article + video]

“Is the U.S. prepared for the coming long-term care needs of retiring baby boomers? Probably not, according to Dr. Bruce Chernof of the SCAN Foundation. But new ideas are emerging.”

Is health insurance broker the next hot job in America? (Business Insider)

“Consumers shopping for insurance have nothing to lose hiring a broker. The service is free of charge and your policy will cost the same whether you buy through a broker or directly from an insurer. Insurance brokers get paid commissions through the insurance companies, which varies by state, so policy costs are already set to include this fee.”
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