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There are some brilliant marketers who are capitalizing on these days of economic struggle for millions of Americans. People like Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard and even Suze Orman are making millions each year by attracting people with their common sense messages

This recession has negatively impacted all of us and brutally impacted some of us. Today, two years after the Great Recession supposedly ended, most middle income Americans continue to feel the increasing pain of the deepening economic downturn.

America’s politicians seem to have little concern about this. Citizens feel a lack of real and actual representation. People are afraid and frustrated. Our unemployment rate remains stuck above nine percent, wages are stagnant, bankruptcies and foreclosures are at an all-time high, and home prices continue to decline, while the prices for gas, food and clothing all continue to rise.

The last three or more years have been extremely challenging for most insurance agents, financial advisors and financial planners. The hot life insurance sales strategies that everyone touted aren't generating the leads and sales they once did. This is understandable, given all of the bad news about our economy and most people cutting back on their spending.

Even many of the sales and success experts, speakers and trainers are now struggling or going broke. Some have entered into bankruptcy.

However, there are some brilliant marketers who are capitalizing on these days of economic struggle for millions of Americans. People like Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard and even Suze Orman are making millions each year by attracting people with their common sense messages: Live on less than you make. Get out of debt. Have some money set aside for a rainy day, because it’s going to rain. Invest for your future. Live on less.

These media advisors understand what people are really looking for today. And, they are helping people.

Note: Like many of the people in our industry, I am not a fan of Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard or Suze Orman. They go too far, over-state, sensationalize, condemn too quickly and present so much bad advice that they often truly do throw the baby out with the bath water.

Many products they condemn are most appropriate for others under certain conditions. However, whether you are a fan or not, you'll have to agree that these three established names are brilliant marketers. They each built up a strong and winning image. And, you can certainly learn and profit from their outstanding success during these days of economic stress.

You too can make money in this economy, just like these TV and radio financial gurus, by delivering your message about how you are helping the people in your local community to live debt free and truly wealthy by using the proven Found Money Management strategies.

Where do you start if you don’t have a syndicated program?
Mehdi Fakharzadeh, the world’s most successful living and active insurance sales agent says, “Assuming you truly understand, believe in, and can apply the (well-proven to work during this depression) Found Money Management strategies, assuming that you do not have a syndicated TV or radio program, and further assuming that your name or image is not well established in your market area, then you should take these steps.
  • Your first step is to develop your own special message focused on helping people to solve their financial problems. People are looking for real help from someone they trust. Why would they trust you if they don't know anything about you, or what you do, or understand how you can help them, or what makes you different and special?

  • Your second step is to get your special message out to everyone you know in your market area. Send a letter to your friends, family, neighbors, people you do business with, associations, religious organizations, clients, prospects, etc. Write articles for your local newspaper, your website, Facebook, etc. Get busy promoting yourself.

  • Your third step is to stay in constant contact with your prospects and other key media people. The best way to do that is with your monthly newsletter. People buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell. So, if you want them to contact you when they are ready, then they must remember you are there and what you do. Out of sight, out of mind is a deadly mistake!

    Send regular news releases to key media people in your market area.

  • Your fourth step is to offer a useful free report in everything you do. It is no secret that one of your best tools for getting prospects to raise their hand and identify themselves as viable prospects, to build your trust and credibility, and to accelerate your business development cycle is an intriguing and compelling free special report.

  • Your fifth step is to offer a free educational workshop. Workshops are a low-cost and non-threatening way to get in front of your prospects in just a few weeks from now to show them you understand their problems, to show them you can help them, to gain their trust and respect, and to set appointments for you.

  • Your sixth step is to do a complete and thorough fact find. And, then apply the Found Money Management strategies to help them on the road to living debt free and truly wealthy.

  • Your final step is to conduct an annual review each year to keep them on track — and get more referrals for you.
Learn from Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard and even Suze Orman. Become brilliant marketers. Help people solve their financial problems. And, soon you'll become the trusted and respected financial guru in your local market area.

You can be the financial professional that people will want to see. But times are tough and you have to start taking these steps right now, and stick with your marketing efforts.

Important message: You have the choice to be successful, or not to be successful. It's entirely up to you. You can sit back, do nothing and hope that things will change. Or, you can take action right now to make things change.

What have you done in the last 60 days to increase your sales? Why not learn the marketing, prospecting, appointment setting and sales success strategies that most of the leading agents, advisors and planners on the planet use?

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