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This week's selection features advice on donating a life insurance policy to charity; PPACA and long-term care; why middle Americans get bad financial advice; the current state of the economy; Wall Street's worst computer glitches, and more.

Donating a life insurance policy to a charity (The Wall Street Journal)

"Here's the situation: You have a whole or universal life-insurance policy that you or your heirs don't really need. What do you do? Well, you may want to donate it to your favorite charity."

Our looming long-term-care crisis (The Washington Post)

"If all goes as planned, the Affordable Care Act is expected to usher in huge changes to the nation’s health-care system. Part of the reform should have — and still needs to — include a solution to deal with the looming long-term care crisis."

How America's looming tax problem weighs on your retirement (Fox Business)

"Damon Roberts and Matt Deaton of Acute Financial have advice for individuals to become more tax efficient."

Why middle class investors get poor financial advice (The Fiscal Times)

"If average Americans haven't been kicked around enough this past decade, now we have this: the middle class is serving as a pawn in Wall Street's high-stakes lobbying battle against stricter rules for brokers."

Americans' upside-down view of Medicare's problems (NPR)

"Americans have some ideas, too. But many of the cost factors that people think are the most important pale in comparison to those that actually are, finds an analysis of six different polls that was published in a recent issue of the New England Journal of Medicine."

The U.S. economy has come a long way since Lehman Brothers imploded (Forbes)

"Sure, unemployment remains high and we still haven’t found a solution to the “Too Big to Fail” problem, but the economy continues to grow at a subdued pace, and inflationary pressures are muted, whether in asset prices, wages or the cost of goods and services."

Knowing when you need life insurance (USA Today)

"USA TODAY's Hadley Malcolm explains the importance behind life insurance and whether it's right for you."

Wall Street's worst computer glitches (Time)

"Here are just a few examples of the computer glitches which have costs financial firms."
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