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The first step is to realize that true change, something that can give you real results, is not an instant process.

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment. What is your future? If the truth is told in your imagination, you know that the future is whatever you wish it to be. Yes, it will take effort and drive, but something this important is worth nothing less than your best.

To change the results that you are getting now, you must change the way you act, the way you feel and even the way you think. You are the quarterback of your life, and this moment could prove to be one of the many Super Bowls that you compete in. How many is entirely up to you.

Simply put, results will speak for themselves. Are you satisfied where you are or do you yearn for something a little grander, a little more ... something? Well, in order to change your results, you have to change you.

There are a number of avenues open to explore. Some choose to philosophize and expand their minds. Others choose to gain knowledge by reading a few more books. Still others strive to experience the tastes and textures of rich food. A few will make the conscious choice to look at the world with the wonderment of a child.

No matter which path you choose, all of them have the same underlying theme. The change and the growth that comes with experience and learning new things are essential to our existence as human beings. We have the ability, and some would say even the responsibility, to evolve into something better than we were before.

So now the question arises: How does one grow and change when everything around appears to be mired in stagnation?

The first step is to realize that true change, something that can give you real results, is not an instant process. There will be stumbles, and there will be times when a little change here or there can set you back. It's important to make sure to check how your changes are altering the results you want. Does that two mile walk at the end of the day leave you feeling ready for a good night's sleep, or does it leave you tired and irritable? Consider a small change to your evening walk, and your results might be much better.

Another aspect of change is that it will push you to your limits and beyond. Think you are doing all that you can right now, and that your best is being offered? Well, in order to make a real change for the best — notice I didn't say better — you will have to work 10 times smarter, 10 times harder than you do at this moment.

Yes, it takes work, but it's like running a marathon or winning a chess tournament. There is a time, however brief, when the mind and the body must push through a wall, a place where it is so easy to quit. Once you get past that point, once you make the choice to go through, the other side and the results will be within your reach.

It is said in the Bible's Old Testament that whatever you find to do, do it with all your might, all your strength, and all your power. It is this ideal that you need to carry forth with you while you are changing to get better results. The true best a person can give is not some amount, but rather a conscious effort to become something better than what they were before.

Think of Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins or Rich Gannon, most notably of the Oakland Raiders. When the time for change had come, both of these quarterbacks went full force into their new careers as broadcasters and analysts. Today, many of the younger football fans may not initially even recognize them as greats of the game. They are seen as successes in the broadcast world because they made the choice to become successful.

In the end, it really is a simple choice. A future where you are plagued by self-doubt and a lack of confidence, or one where you are confident, full of vibrant life. By making the conscious choice to change what needs to be changed and live the way you need to live, the future can be brighter than you ever imagined.What changes do you need to make?
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