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Sales and motivational guru Zig Ziglar passed away today in Dallas at the age of 86. During his 50-year career, Ziglar provided countless motivational and training speeches and authored nearly 30 books. He also influenced the careers and lives of many ProducersWEB members, as evidenced by the many blogs and articles that have referenced him over the years. Here are a few recent examples. Today, we asked ProducersWEB members to share their memories of a man who has clearly influenced many. Here are their thoughts:

Zig Ziglar showed us that a commitment to faith and family is often essential to any measure of success in business. Although he will be sorely missed, his insightful words will live on in his many books and CDs.
David Shields, President/CEO of Sumrall & Associates, Inc.

I only saw Zig Ziglar speak once. It was at an all-day speakers' consortium at the Philadelphia Spectrum featuring such luminaries as George and Barbara Bush, Lou Dobbs, and John Walsh. Everyone had high tech powerpoint presentations with great audio; polished, exciting, impressive.

Then Zig came on stage near the end of the day. He had nothing but a grease pencil and an old acetate overhead projector. He talked about the young man who came to him asking how he could emulate his successful boss. He walked the young man through all the attributes of the "successful" boss, including divorces, debts, and disinheritances, and the young man ended up changing his mind.

I don't remember a thing about what everyone else said that day. But I remember Zig's talk. He taught me the power of sizzle, whereas before I had only appreciated the steak. I realized the ability to reach people emotionally was more powerful than all the "smart" stuff I'd been learning. I've gotten much better at that over the years, and have him to thank in no small part.

Charles Green, Founder/CEO Trusted Advisor Associates

Zig Ziglar touched the lives of millions of people, from world leaders to budding entrepreneurs. His Christian-inspired, down-to-earth insights on life and the art of selling inspired a generation to become the best version of themselves. Many of my own core beliefs are inseparably intertwined with those of Zig Ziglar.

They include:
  • If you want to receive in life or business, you must first be willing to give.
  • Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.
  • People are typically motivated to buy by emotion, not logic.
  • If you can dream it, you can achieve it.
Zig Ziglar may have passed from this world, but he will not soon be forgotten. His spirit and inspiration will live on forever in the hearts of those he lifted up.

Paul Mallet, Senior VP/CMO Postema Marketing Group, LLC
Zig Ziglar. A great success. An icon. A man who inspired and motivated people into achieving their dreams and beyond. He motivated and inspired the motivational speakers of the world, and he was great inspiration to many who became billionaires.

His philosophy was to never tire but keep re-fired up. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” He motivated people into real success from the ground up.

Zig Ziglar started as a door-to-door salesman and became the world's greatest motivator and the world's greatest inspiration.

Paul Cross, President/CEO and founder of Annuity National Brokerage Co.

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