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As Lauren mentioned in last week’s Weekend Wrap-Up, ProducersWEB hosted its first ever Twitter chat on Tuesday. We had a blast and learned a lot and we hope other participants and readers did too. If you weren’t able to join us, you can still view the conversation by searching #prowebchat on Twitter and scrolling down.!/search/prowebchat

And be sure to join us next Tuesday between 3pm-4pm EST. We’ll announce the topic right before the chat and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

The four letter F-word that stops most sales

No, it’s not what you’re thinking (although I wouldn’t recommend using the other one in most sales situations either.) Karlan Tucker, ProducersWEB’s expert on indexed annuities, returned this week with an excellent article, The four-letter word that stops most sales, on the roles that fear and trust play in sales.
    Whether you’re an adviser selling or a prospect buying, the thing that prevents most sales is fear. The fear of failure is the number one emotion that limits advisers from reaching their greatest potential. The fear of making a mistake is the number one emotion that prevents buyers from buying. Controlling our emotions is essential if we are to succeed, whether selling or buying.
Later in the article, he also describes clients’ emotions during a sale:
    Advisers aren’t the only ones who are scared. Your prospects are also full of fear. They are afraid of you — are you a Bernie Madoff? They fear making the wrong decision as well as not knowing what the future holds, resulting in fear to commit to a financial strategy that involves time. They also fear trusting their savings to a company they know little or nothing about, and they fear outliving their money.
How do you sell you?

Stephen Forman of Long Term Care Associates, Inc. provides some valuable suggestions in his article, Your next LTCI sales idea: "Video Killed the Radio Star. Whether you’re selling movies, books, music or long term care insurance, it’s all about adapting and thriving in the digital age.
    Your clients have already begun searching for information on the Internet, and it will be free. How much value will they ascribe to it? Very little. They will flitter and flip from site to site, and many long term care shoppers will probably think they've done a pretty good job educating themselves, but you know what?

    Even if you are the one giving away this free information, the world has advanced to the point where you have to sell the live concert experience — the unique value you bring.
What’s hot on ProducersWEB

This week, our readers were all about life insurance, annuities and sales. Here are our five most popular articles for the week:

Orphaned policies and the future of the life insurance industry by Ken Godfrey
Five firefighting skills every sales person can use by Brian Summers
Funding non-qualified deferred compensation plans with life insurance by Julius Giarmarco
Make SPIAs a cornerstone of your practice by Richard Duff
Who's your beneficiary? The role of annuities and life insurance in estate planning by Paul Cross

If you haven’t read them all yet, be sure to take a look. These authors are obviously doing something right!

In other news

Two new profiles were featured on the site this week:

Steve Delott, founder and president of “Delott and Associates, Inc. and Ken Godfrey, President of Life Insurance Financial Evaluations.

Be sure to follow both to receive updates on their most recent content, and feel free to ask us how you can be featured on the site, as well.


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