Direct mail marketing - Is it dying along with print media?Blog added by Emily Hutto on July 19, 2012
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Is direct mail marketing dying with print media?

"$1.00* buys $50,000," says the postcard in my mailbox.

It’s in a stack of grocery store coupons and glossy pizza delivery advertisements, which despite my best attempts to unsubscribe, still arrive every week. I read the news online and pay bills electronically for the sake of paper recycling, so in essence, my mailbox has become a dump bucket for spam, ads and credit card applications. Most of the time, the entire bucket hits the recycling bin without my reading any of it, but this particular life insurance ad jumped out at me.

Perhaps that’s because of all of the reading I’ve been doing about the dinosaur that is direct mail marketing. While some advisors swear by it, most of them argue that in five years will do nothing more than take up space in landfills.

If snail mail marketing does have a future, it certainly won't be with misleading advertisements like these:

Notice the * symbol after the $1.00. There isn't a place on this postcard that explains what that amount really means.

And I'm pretty sure that's not the only issue with this piece. What else is wrong with this picture?
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