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Balanced Frisbees are rather easy to throw with a little practice. They fly smoothly, seemingly effortlessly, and can be directed toward a particular target with a good degree of accuracy.

The Frisbee is a good analogy of how life can and should be. We should move easily toward our life goals with a minimal amount of effort. However, that assumes that we are balanced and not out of kilter.

Gaining and maintaining motivation in the key aspects of your life is not an easy task.

Imagine a Frisbee that has six segments:
    1. Social
    2. Mental
    3. Spiritual
    4. Physical
    5. Family
    6. Professional
Now imagine that you are about to throw the Frisbee at a target — a life goal, perhaps. This time, however, there is a heavy clip on one side and portions of the Frisbee have been cut out on the other side.

Instead of a nice balanced item, you have something decidedly unbalanced. When throwing it at the target it's still possible to hit the target, but the probabilities have been reduced. Furthermore, you undoubtedly have to use significantly more force when you throw it. It is not as much fun. It's more of a struggle to hit the target.

Unfortunately for some people the Frisbee of life is so heavily weighted with professional/job development or concerns that it cannot fly smoothly. Other people may be overweighted in one or two of the other areas and underweighted in others.

We've all read about people who devoted their lives to their businesses. They worked hard to develop something profitable and may even have become successful in the eyes of the world. Unfortunately, many also lost their families, their health and their humanity in the process. Did they win the game of life? I think not.

We've read about social butterflies who poison themselves with drugs and occasionally commit suicide because they are intensely lonely. They were lacking balance in other areas of life and may not have realized their true purposes.

Whenever there is significant unbalance, there is also the potential — perhaps the probability — of disaster and disappointment in life. There is certainly more stress. In fact, one of the best stress management things you can do for yourself is to get into balance.

What about you?

Are you over- or under-weighted in certain areas of your life? Are you or is someone you know missing the boat? Are you stressed out? Unmotivated? Wishing you were doing things differently?

Some modern distractions that may hinder our full realization of out potential include:
  • hours watching television or playing computer games

  • over eating or drinking

  • drugs — legal or illegal

  • not spending time with friends and family. Reach out and connect with someone.

  • spending too much time with friends and family.

  • not reading. Have you picked up a good book lately?

  • only thinking about yourself and not getting involved with community or charity or church activities
Without belaboring the point, determine for yourself whether you are basically in balance. A good idea may be to pose that question to a few people who know you in different contexts. Ask for honest feedback. Often people see us differently than we see ourselves. We may "not see the forest because of the trees" and be totally unaware that we are significantly over- or under-weighted in one or more areas of life.

If such is the case for you, you can take steps to rectify the situation. Your choice, of course. But it's almost always our choice on how we live our lives. But, years from now, will you be happy and balanced or will you have purposefully fallen into the trap of so many people before you?
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