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Looking back at 2010, amid sweeping political reform and global financial uncertainty, our industry has been changing. Just two years ago, the leading edge of more than 76 million baby boomers reached retirement age. The succeeding generations are more connected, and better informed than their seniors thanks to the proliferation of information online and increased connectivity in social networks.

Many advisers and brokers are finding themselves faced with a question; either change the way they are meeting new prospects or quietly ease into retirement. Many of you built very successful businesses through traditional marketing methods and referrals. However, the fact remains that the most successful producers today are expanding their business by constantly meeting with new prospects every day.

With business leads, producers can find a higher, more consistent volume of prospects, as well as increased potential revenue. Through consultative selling, successful agents are able to cross sell multiple solutions to business owners according to their needs. Still, the notion of switching from traditional referrals and advertising to outsourcing your prospecting engine can be intimidating. As in most business ventures, the extra work required up front can yield to significant ROI and a successful campaign.

Using a qualified lead provider can open the door to introduce you to more business owners who need advice from a professional. The quality of data that you have about your prospect is paramount in getting you in front of the decision maker to provide the solutions that companies today need to maintain financial security.

You may have the best products available, the highest level of education and top notch customer service, but if you aren’t meeting qualified prospects daily, it is likely your business has reached a plateau. In the same manner, volumes of information and prospect leads are just as worthless without the right tools and strategies in place to convert those prospects into clients.

In the coming weeks, Bravura Leads will provide a series of best practices to help you succeed in converting prospects into clients. Check back on Mondays to read how to best prepare, persist and present yourself using our business data to maximize your ability to increase your business.
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