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According to statistics, NFL teams score most during the final two minutes of each half. It's called the two-minute drill. In order to be considered a great quarterback, you must precisely orchestrate those minutes in close games. Doing so is the difference between winning and losing.

There seems to be less stress around the team when a quarterback runs the two-minute drill to perfection, and there is a clear path to late game success.

In retirement planning, it's important to be the same type of quarterback or planner for our clients. The late game heroics are what separate the trusted advisor from the everyday planner. Clients obsess over how their later retirement years will look. It's not just the year the client runs out of money that is stressful — it's the years leading up to that point which force lifestyle changes and emotional pain within families. Clients need to know plans are in place to have a long, successful retirement.

Lifetime income products provide a level of certainty. Control and access are built into newly designed products. By positioning some products to begin income at life expectancy calculations, you can leverage a client's mortality credits and supply them with a higher income level during their own two-minute drills. By creating confidence in the late game, advisors gain trust with clients. Rethinking conventional products in an unconventional manner proves to be the difference in many situations.

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