Advisor focused websites: Progression is keyArticle added by Amy McIlwain on March 9, 2011
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From product information and sales and marketing tips, to an increased flow of information and an improvement in online resources, the need for innovative and comprehensive advisor websites is on the rise.

The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) released an impressive report that found widespread improvement on adviser websites and resources. This great news emphasizes the importance of an increased distribution of adviser resources to better serve financial professionals and their current and prospective clients.

From product information and sales and marketing tips, to an increased flow of information and an improvement in online resources, the need for innovative and comprehensive adviser websites is definitely on the rise. The following statistics from the IRI’s report detail the findings of the progression of adviser websites:
  • Advisor sales resources rose 18 percent

  • Advisor product information and marketing rose 13 percent

  • Industry averages rose from the 2010 report in five of the six audit categories
What else did the report find?
Adviser websites and resources are revamping their look and overall strategy in order to have the right tools and information necessary to increase their client bases and revenue, as well as their overall website traffic. This effort to increase the flow of resources to advisers exemplifies the constant evolution of financial advising and its practices.

In order to serve your current and prospective clients, network with fellow advisers and continue to be an expert in the financial field, you must keep your resources fresh and progressive. Take a look at these findings that outline ways in which advisors are updating their websites:
  • Upgraded detail and level of transparency offered on both variable and fixed annuity product information pages with a focus on suitability and fees.

  • Upgraded size and quality of their advisor sales resource libraries, expanding the availability of prospecting and business-building materials with a greater emphasis on growing client relationships.

  • Advisor website revamps including design, usability and navigation.

  • Improvement on advisor sales tools and adviser literature ordering systems categories.
Let’s say you are interested in checking out some local restaurants for dinner. You go online and start your research. Which website would you prefer: the out-dated, hard-to-navigate website with little information about their products? Or the technologicallyy advanced, easily navigable website stocked full of helpful information, reviews and pictures? Of course you’d pick the latter; the same goes for your advisor website.

Regardless of the field you’re in, we all know how important it is to have an up-to-date and informative website. However, the findings of the IRI’s report showcase the significance and progression of adviser websites and resources, and how these progressions are beneficially impacting the success of advisor resources, advisor websites and their current and prospective clients.

Take a few tips from the list above and research other advisor websites. You can find great financial resources online that will help you build your website, increase your client base and your revenue stream. Don’t get left in the advisor dust!
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