What's in a label? Pt. 2Blog added by James Beattey on October 24, 2012

James Beattey

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In part one of this blog, I suggested that when we insist on telling prospects we sell insurance products, we disqualify ourselves from talking with them about building wealth. Life insurance products and wealth building — in the eye of our prospect — have nothing to do with one another. They are mutually exclusive.

The same goes for the way we label ourselves. If we want to be taken seriously in a conversation about building client wealth, then calling ourselves life insurance agents is an effective disqualifier — like your chiropractor advising you about a heart condition.

As we did before, let's test my theory. Here are some titles of professional experts one might consult when it comes to building wealth. Ask the next 10 people you run into to rank these based on importance and relevance when seeking wealth building advice.
  • Financial advisor
  • Stock broker
  • Barber
  • Financial planner
  • Life insurance agent
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
Now I threw the barber into the mix just so we don't all get sudden inferiority complexes, but the truth is I'm not even sure we'd rank above him. As wealth building goes, a person's life insurance agent is likely to come out at the bottom of the list almost every time.

Next time you're at the kid's soccer game and the parent next to you politely asks what you do, tell them you help people build wealth without risk or taxes.

See what happens. You might just end up in a conversation that, had you told them you sold insurance products, would never have happened. And who knows, sometimes a chance encounter — positioned the right way — leads to a long-term client relationship.

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