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What makes insurance agents some of the most important people in the USA? Please read my friend's prediction from a few weeks ago on why the fiscal cliff was really the fiscal myth.

What are the odds that our country will really drive over the fiscal cliff that is dominating the news these days? I daresay it will never happen, not in a million years. The politicians will posture until the last foreseeable moment and in a “bipartisan” agreement, the disaster will be averted. A few cuts will be made here, a few extensions will be agreed upon and the crisis will be no more. But how many problems that led us to this point will have been truly solved and eliminated?

Will our $16 trillion deficit be reduced? Will the 8 percent unemployment go down? Will the crippling cost of health care be reduced? Will the ravaging effects of inflation be reduced? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding no. So, how will this fiscal cliff be averted? The politicians will do nothing more than play the game of shuffling the deck by transferring all of these problems to some point in the future without solving one single issue. It is kicking the proverbial can down the tracks to be dealt with sometime in the future.

So, what does this mean to us as advisors? It means stick to the plan that has made you different than 99 percent of other advisors.

Don't lose money

We know that the best way to combat inflation is: Don't lose money. We know that the number one way to have a comfortable retirement is: Don't lose money.We know that the number one way to have happy clients is: Don't lose money. Remember this phrase: “Modest gains that never experience a loss will outperform a volatile market over time.” We are the most important people to our customers right now; we must never forget that.
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