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In order for any business venture to be successful, the service or product being offered, and the company behind it, needs to instill a sense of enthusiasm in the market.

There are many ways to accomplish this task, and a few of them begin within the company, and can spread easily to the outside market.

The first step is to have and maintain confidence in your product and your abilities. After all, you went into business not only to make a profit, but also to solve a need that you found. If you have found success and obtained what you need to be happy, then be thankful for what is around you.

However, if you need more, there are ways to get it. Start by promoting and developing the long term relationships that you already have in place. This includes your clients, but also includes the people you work with on a regular basis, your subcontractors, even your competitors. Every one of these contacts can lead to more business, or a potential new client.

For the sake of this article however, we'll focus on maintaining and developing your relationship with established clients.Your clients have a lot on their minds. Between their personal and professional lives, there is a lot of information to sort through on a daily basis, so it can be easy to forget about you and what you have to offer them. It is up to you to remind them.

Make the conscious effort to call them regularly to check to see how they are doing. Do they need a new shipment of your product? Is their business slowing down? Or are they planning on expanding into new frontiers?

By having a conversation, you will accomplish two goals. One, it will put you, and your product back into the forefront of their minds, and two, it will show them that you are interested in their business success. Both these things, over time, will help build up the enthusiasm that they have for your product or service.

Of course, calling on a regular basis isn't the only thing that you can do to strengthen the relationship with your client. For many people, receiving an actual thank you note or letter is a welcomed gesture.

A thank you note or even a short note telling your clients of new products is a great way to keep things fresh and current. Also, it's a great resource if your client wants to pass along your information to someone new. After all, if you're taking this much time and paying this much attention to them, wouldn't you do the same for their friends?

Perhaps one of the most overlooked methods for increasing the enthusiasm for your product or service is how you handle problems. If a client calls you with a problem, they are usually doing this so you can offer them a viable solution. As always, take the time to listen, focus on what they need, and ask the important questions for clarification. By remaining professional and acting in the best interest of your client, the impression you give will inspire them to become enthusiastic fans.

In the end, one of the most promising ways to inspire others to invest in your ideas and company is through accountability. No one likes to stand behind someone who cannot deliver.

Taking steps to make sure you can deliver when needed is a great way to instill the confidence that you need to grow your business. Keep track of the goals you have — what have you done to fulfill them today? Make a daily plan to reach a little part of those dreams and hold yourself to it. Within very little time, the enthusiasm that you feel will radiate to those around you. What do you do to inspire enthusiasm?
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