What the Wizard of Oz can teach you about salesBlog added by Steve Kloyda on November 2, 2011
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Did you know that movie “The Wizard of Oz” taught us almost everything we need to know about sales? Does that statement have you scratching your head? Let me explain.

There were five major questions answered in that movie:
    Question 1. What was Dorothy’s primary purpose throughout the entire movie? To get home.

    Question 2. Who was the right person that Dorothy originally thought could help her get back home? It was the Wizard of Oz.

    Question 3. What was the game plan to get from munchkin land to Oz? It was follow the yellow brick road.

    Question 4. What was the solution that the wizard wanted? Do you remember? He told them, to “Bring me the broomstick of the wicked witch and I will grant you your wish.” So they got the broomstick and the wicked witch melted, “Help me. Help me.”

    They ran back to the wizard, set the broomstick down and the credits started to roll and the movie was over, right? No. That didn’t happen.

    Question 5. What was the next step for the lion? Courage. What was the next step for the tin man? Heart. What was the next step for the scarecrow? Brain. What was the next step for Dorothy? To get back home which led them back to the purpose of the entire movie.
Let’s apply those five questions to sales.
    Question 1. What is the purpose of this phone call, email, voicemail or meeting?

    Question 2. Who is the right person I need to talk with to get the right results?

    Question 3. What is the game plan for this call or meeting?

    Question 4. What is the solution for this prospect or customer?

    Question 5. Have I clearly communicated the next step?
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