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There is much confusion as to when and how often you should ask for a referral. Some presume that you ask once, either at the beginning of the sale or the conclusion of the transaction. In reality, you should ask for referrals several times. By asking more than once, you create a cumulative effect and greater results.

Here are several places to ask for referrals and testimonials:
  • Ask at the very first appointment, whether it's with a prospect, a previous customer, or a center of influence. People do not have to buy something to refer you. They simply need to feel confident about you and your product or service. Ask early and set the stage.

  • Ask at the time of the sale. Ask for referrals before you get all the paperwork completed. Otherwise, people are rushed, wanting to move along to the next issue in their lives. So, bring forth your referral talk again while you're completing the paperwork.

  • Ask for referrals at the time you deliver the financial instrument. People are usually euphoric at that time and it is an excellent time to leverage yourself into your niche.

  • Ask for referrals when you send a thank you note for the business. Of course, if you've already gained referrals during the sales process or at the time of delivery, you wouldn't normally ask again immediately in the thank-you letter but it doesn't hurt and often helps you as it shows your desire to serve others like them.

  • Ask for referrals and testimonials in your follow-up service calls. Calling to follow up and find out how your product is working for them or how their needs have changed is an ideal time to ask for referrals.

To compel your clients to keep on doing business with you for years to come, and to get them to refer everyone they know to uou, you must astonish them with your outstanding or exceptional services — at least four times each year. A newsletter is a good start.

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