Are you to blame for what's wrong with the insurance industry?Blog added by Lew Nason RFC, LUTCF on May 29, 2012
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We have a serious problem in the insurance and financial services industry. There are too many agents, managers, IMOs, insurance companies and broker/dealers out there who have a serious misconception of what this business is really about.

They believe that this business is just about selling their products! They think it is about having the best products, with the best returns and the lowest price. Doesn’t this type of thinking promote client deception, replacement of existing policies, piggybacking and more?

Aren’t these the major reasons for all of the law suits and the negative publicity we receive?

Are the law suits and negative publicity we receive justified. Aren't they major reasons for the decline in overall insurance sales during the past two decades?

Isn't this a major reason why people are resorting to buying products over the Internet; so they won’t have to deal with high pressure, deceptive sales people?

Do you want to make things better?

If you do, then we, as an industry, need to change our overall sales philosophy. We need get back to really helping people.

There are many major problems in our country.People are not saving for retirement. Consumer debt is at an all time high. The Social Security system has major problems. Pension plans from major corporations are sharply on the decline. People will be retired for much longer periods of time.

In the past, these were areas where insurance agents, financial advisors and financial planners were able to help people. Can’t we still help people in these areas?

Be truthful to yourself. Is it your company that’s the problem, or is it you?

Can’t you get the information and training you need from other places?

Are you part of the problem?

What can you do to be a part of the solution?

It’s time for you to stand up and start making a difference!
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