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It’s conference time once again, with many firms hosting their large summer meetings. Do the meetings typically present you with ideas to improve your business, increase revenue or create efficiencies?

Most meetings actually do bring many ideas that will help improve your business. They key is having a plan to get them home with you and implemented. Oftentimes, we return to the office with good intentions to get new initiatives started, but we immediately are immersed in the day-to-day activities and anything new takes a back burner position.

You are paying for the plane ticket, the hotel and moreover, the time out of the office when you attend meetings. This year, develop a plan of action in advance for fully implementing the best idea or two upon your return.

Here is a simple, three-step plan for maximizing ideas by turning them into successes.

1. Have a plan before you leave. Schedule a meeting with your whole staff for the week you return. Let them know what this meeting will be about and why you are holding it. Tell them you won’t be reiterating the meeting for them, but going over the best few ideas to get their feedback. Let them know that together, the team will put a plan of action in place for implementation and accountability.

2. Use an action plan. While you are attending the meeting, carry a blank action plan template where you can take the ideas and transform them immediately onto an actionable to-do list. Each to-do will have a date it should start and finish, a description of the activity and will list who will be responsible. Pull out the actionable items while you are in the meetings so you don’t have to go back to your pages of notes to find and decipher.

3. Make your staff part of the process. Meet with your staff when you return to go over the ideas you picked up, get their feedback, prioritize the list and determine who will take the lead on each activity. Then meet weekly for a few minutes to discuss progress.

If you want change in your business, the best places to pick up ideas are at your industry educational conferences. The key is taking the best ideas and putting them to work for you. Good luck!
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