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A recent survey in Financial Planning Magazine reported that advisors' number one concern is generating new clients, followed by retaining existing clients. These statistics aren’t exactly surprising, but it does bring into focus that client acquisition is a major pain point for advisors.

I did a little research and found three of the most important things to remember when making a sale. In general, keeping these rules in the back of your mind during every life-cycle stage of the client-advisor relationship will considerably impact client retention.

1. Build relationships

No one wants to be at the bottom end of just another sales pitch. Convey the sense that you are not seeking to cultivate clients, but rather relationships; take a personal interest in people and really get to know them. By demonstrating a genuine interest in someone’s personal financial goals it will be easier to come across as the helpful, knowledgeable and expert advisor that you are.

2. Features versus benefit

Telling a prospect about a feature of your product or service is a great start — but, explaining how the feature will benefit your lead is much more effective. For example, instead of highlighting the bells and whistles of a new product, explain how it will make your client's life easier.

3. Create a positive online presence

You can bet that your clients and prospects have Googled your name or firm at least once. In fact, 97 percent of consumers perform online research before making purchase decisions. It is absolutely critical to convey a highly professional and credible online presence that is unique and suited to your own market. Show them something special when they look for you online.

Do you use these tactics? What are your fool-proof methods for closing a deal? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!
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