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By Allison Bell

Washington state officials have posted a chart that shows what health programs can serve patients in their state with various types of immigration status.

The officials who prepared the chart included the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act health insurance premium tax credit and cost-sharing reductions, the Children's Health Insurance Plan, the Alien Emergency Medical program, and the state Medicaid programs for pregnant women, other adults and children.

U.S. citizens are eligible for all six programs.

Lawful permanent residents — holders of green cards — are eligible for the new PPACA tax credit program and the Medicaid program for pregnant women.

While in a five-year federal waiting program, adult green card holders are eligible for alien emergency medical assistance. After they get through the waiting period, they may be eligible for the Medicaid program for adults, according to the chart.

Green card holders who are children are eligible for CHIP, Medicaid for kids and the new PPACA tax credit, but they are not eligible for alien emergency medical assistance.

Refugees, victims of human trafficking, and some other aliens who have legal status but not green cards are eligible for all programs but the alien emergency medical assistance program.

Undocumented immigrants — people in the country without the proper papers — are eligible for all of the programs but the PPACA tax credit and cost-sharing program and the Medicaid program for adults.

Officials note that undocumented immigrants who are using the alien emergency medical assistance program can use only state-provided funds.

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