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Blogging sometimes eludes people. It seems like a nearly impossible task to write interesting and valuable articles that people will actually want to read. Luckily, I came across a new infographic from Who is Hosting This? — a great reference guide to what you should be thinking of when sitting down to write a blog post.

Consider original content versus curated content. Curated content is a great way to share your expertise in the financial industry, with less work than an original piece. You can even curate great content by tracking keywords and industry leaders on Twitter and LinkedIn. Original content, however, will always be seen as king for search engine optimization. Use some tips from their infographic below, and focus on the four pillars of a great blog post: useful, approachable, scannable, simple.

It’s always important to provide value to your Web visitor. It really is the first step to establishing a relationship with your visitors. If they begin to see you as a trusted professional, the chances of Web traffic connecting with you, either by downloading more information, or actually picking up the phone to call you, go up much more than from a traditional sales-y pitch.

Finally, remember that consistency and close attention to detail goes a long way. I’ll admit, sometimes I am not the most careful person when writing a post. However, by writing in a separate word document, proofreading, and then transferring the article into the blogging platform, I find that it helps me catch more of the little mistakes. Check out the infographic for more tips you can use to help make blogging second nature.

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