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This week's picks features GOP's gradual acceptance of Obamacare, unclaimed property tips for consumers, the financial struggles of the transgender community, the debate over gun insurance and lessons that can be learned from Lance Armstrong and the country of Rwanda.

A victor not a victim (LifeHealthPro)

"Columbine survivor Patrick Ireland, immortalized as “The Boy in the Window,” has overcome the tragedy to achieve great success in life, including as managing director for a Northwestern Mutual office in Colorado."

What good is life insurance if no one collects? (MarketWatch)

"Few people would stroll past a $100 bill on the sidewalk without stopping to pick it up. But that’s exactly what many Americans do by failing to check for unclaimed property."

Rwanda’s Historic Health Recovery: What the U.S. Might Learn (The Atlantic)

"Over the last decade in Rwanda, deaths from HIV, TB, and malaria dropped by 80 percent, maternal mortality dropped by 60 percent, life expectancy doubled -- all at an average health care cost of $55 per person per year."

Transgender financial struggles: 'How we get by' (CNN Money)

"These six people are transgender and unemployed, homeless, living on food stamps or facing piles of debt. "

Why it’s not always good to forgive (New York Times)

"It seems, these days, that we can barely keep pace with the tales of the famous and near famous who climb to great heights, plummet to great depths and then try to work their way back into the public’s affection ... These never-ending stories may not affect our lives — except, perhaps, to make us more cynical when the mighty fall. But they do raise questions about forgiveness and atonement that are important outside the world of the celebrity. "

Buying a gun? States consider insurance rule (New York Times)

Both sides in a nation sharply divided over guns seem to agree on at least one thing: a bigger role for the insurance industry in a heavily armed society. But just what that role should be, and whether insurers will choose to accept it, are much in dispute.

GOP governors make peace with Obamacare (Washington Post)

"The about-face by [Florida Gov. Rick Scott], the seventh Republican governor to accept Obama’s expansion of government-funded health care for the poor, is a crucial validation of the president’s signature initiative. In his announcement, Scott made a moral case for the Medicaid expansion as compelling as the law’s proponents ever made."

Annuity arbitrage, anyone? (MarketWatch)

"Stocks and bonds aren't the only things you can arbitrage. Annuity arbitrage strategies have their place as well."

Busting 3 myths of financial planning (Huffington Post)

"...Those who haven't planned are headed for their own fiscal cliff .... Why is it that we do this? ... It comes down to the myths we have built up about financial planning."
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