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Taxes go up, your 401k goes down, and interest is gushing out of your checking account. Is that just the way it is?

Does a fish know it's in water and in a fish tank?

If you ask a fish "How's the water in your fish tank?" it has no idea what you're talking about. It was born in a fish tank. It grew up in the water. It has no concept that water even exists or that the fish tank denies the fish access to a world outside the constrictive glass walls.

Americans have grown up in a financial fish tank.

Behemoths1 created a self-serving financial environment and convinced Americans, "That's the way it is."

The glass walls of the Behemoths' fish tank control your view, your movement, and your options. Increasing taxes, stock market losses, the ever-present interest you pay on credit cards, car loans, and even mortgages hobble your plans for growing wealth and make it virtually impossible to manage your personal finances. Moreover, it's not clear to most Americans that the Behemoths' paradigm relies on rules that benefit the Behemoths at our expense.

However, there is a recently re-discovered way to manage your finances, stem your losses and escape the fish tank paradigm that keeps you from an ocean of alternatives.

This model works as well today as it has for decades, centuries, perhaps millennia. It lets you save money without risk. It keeps money from pouring right through your fingers and makes you aware when that is happening.

It's called EurekonomicsTM.
  • It allows you to lower your taxes

  • It virtually eliminates risk from the stock market crashes, real estate bubbles bursting, or other violent financial fluctuations

  • It lets you avoid giving your money away by paying interest to financial Behemoths

  • IT lets you recycle and reuse the principle and interest for yourself and your family that would otherwise end up on the bottom line of a Behemoth
I'm only half kidding when I refer to this model as recently re-discovered. Banks, corporations, the wealthy, and every-day Americans have relied on American EurekonomicsTM for over 100 years and continue to do so today. You probably just haven't heard of it, but, did you know...
  • J. C. Penney used it to save his business during the Great Depression
  • Walt Disney used it to launch Disney World
  • Babe Ruth used it to preserve his estate
  • John McCain used it to salvage his 2008 presidential campaign
Once you've escaped the fish tank, there's no reason to rely on a paradigm that wastes money on taxes, interest, or market losses. Even though the Behemoths want you to think theirs is the only way to create wealth and manage your finances, you can be sure there is a better way.

Take control of your money

Whatever model you depend on to create wealth and manage your personal finances, you want to make sure it's safe, within the law, and allows you to maintain your life-style.

  • does not expose you to market risks

  • protects you by law from taxation by the IRS

  • creates a store of wealth that can forever eliminate the need for loan applications to self-interested Behemoths

  • compounds your lifestyle choices
Have you ever wondered why...
  • the only retirement income alternative you're offered is a plan with rules determined by the government?

  • the government's plan only appears to save you taxes, but really just postpones the tax and doesn't guarantee the future tax rate?

  • you would lose some of your money to penalties if you want to use some of your money before you retire?

  • the only alternatives you're offered are risk-based speculative alternatives where your money might disappear?

  • the advertised average growth on an investment account ends up seeming more like an actual loss?
Is there a better plan?

Have you wondered if there is...
  • somewhere your money could be truly safe, without worrying that half of it would disappear before you retire?

  • some way you could avoid all that interest on credit cards, car loans or even home mortgages and reuse the borrowing power over and over without having to qualify or make some Behemoth richer?

  • some way and somewhere you could recover some or all of the interest you paid over the years to Behemoths, money that you will never get back?
Is there such a place?

Have you ever wondered whether paying all the taxes that burden you is necessary?
  • Are you ready to pay your fair share? Of course.

  • Are you willing to pay more than you must? Of course not.

  • Will you sit back and do nothing to legally reduce and eliminate confiscatory income taxes that always seem to go up?
Is there a method that enjoys tax benefits not found elsewhere that lets you stop paying so darn much in taxes?

It doesn't seem right that accumulating wealth and managing personal finances should be so hard. There are many ways to skin the financial cat, but people making what seem like the right choices should gain rewards, not be burdened even further with taxes and more money going to Behemoths as interest.

EurekonomicsTM gives you a way to reward yourself for working hard to earn an income and buy a nice house to make into a home for yourself and your family.

Nobody likes to cut their spending -- they know they should be saving more -- but America's current system does not always benefit the person who produces the income.

If you change that equation and return money that you might be losing without knowing it, your savings grow naturally.

EurekonomicsTM uses the same amount of money you're making right now to do just that.

Eurekonomists studied this issue. They discovered that Americans are making financial decisions that unnecessarily and unknowingly cost them both today and for the rest of their lives. Be sure to read the second article in this series for more on this concept.

1 A Behemoth is any large organization or entity. In this context it is big government - especially the IRS, big financial institutions, big labor or any other entity - AARP comes to mind - that wants to control how and where you spend your money.

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