Building wealth is not a myth — it's a strategyBlog added by Xue "G" Lee on December 18, 2012
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I bet 99 percent of the people who are in financial services still have no ideas why they are struggling in life. And 99 percent of them are still looking for ways to make more money from their clients so they can be a little more comfortable in life than their clients.

The number one key failure in life is the way you spend your money and where you save your money. This has everything to do with the growth of your money. It's not about how much you can make, but it is how much you can keep and profit from.

In today's world, saving money and hoping the economy gets better so you can make higher returns on your money is not good enough. The key to build wealth is total control and liquidity.

1. You must have total control of your money.

2. You must be able to touch your money any time without tax consequences and/or no fees.

3. You must have the ability to be creative to speed up the flow of your money for maximum growth — not the economy.

4. You must be able to get back every dollar you spent on big ticket items.

​ I believe and you probably agree that people are confused because they have been misled by financial gurus. The world is flooded with millions of ways to be broke. Most people in this country got penalized in life because we have too many analyzers.
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