Financial stress and the bottom line

By JHLynch

Sales First Aid

​The seminar market is dead — over saturated, over used and out of date. However, a need for the education these events provided still exists. Employers are looking for ways to provide financial education to their employees, and to improve their bottom line and productivity of their company.

Consider the following:

Of the nation’s 30 million employees, 1 in 4 report they are seriously financially distressed and dissatisfied with their personal finances.

Of 401K plan sponsors, 82 percent say the majority of their employees will not be adequately prepared for retirement.

The cost of financial stress has an approximate value of $15,000 per year, per affected employee.

The need for legitimate, work place financial literacy could never be greater than it is now. There are three reasons why advisors have been unable to and will remain unable to penetrate this opportunity. If you would like to know the keys to unlocking these three barriers, please comment below or send me a message.