25 ways for top financial advisors to re-purpose content

By Amy McIlwain

Financial Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing for financial advisors, time is of the essence. Why? Because producing stellar content is an investment of precious minutes, creativity and resources. So why make that hefty investment every time you need new content? All types of content have the capacity to be reused and recycled. Below are a few of the many types of content available and ways for financial advisors to re-purpose pieces from their content hub: the blog.
    Blog posts — create a blog post from the content in an interview or webinar.
    • “Best of XYX Blog 2012”
    • Blog series. For example, “Getting in the Mind of Today’s Affluent Blog Series”
    • Guest bloggers
    • Picture montages
    • Anecdotes and Stories
  • Webinars — use ideas and key points from the blog as a springboard for a new webinar.
  • Case studies — transform the blog into a case study.
  • Q&A sessions — create a written Q and A session based on the questions asked in webinars and blogs.
  • e-newsletters — use interesting stats, quotes and concepts for e-newsletters.
  • Lead nurturing emails — use the blog content in your inbound marketing efforts.
  • Interviews — use concepts from blog and turn into an interview.
  • Charts — take information discussed in blogs or data gathered by research and providing charts helps engage your audience visually without it being a presentation. This is also a great way to graphically tell a story that might be harder to illustrate in writing.
  • Podcasts — condense the blog content and do a podcast.
  • Videos — create several YouTube videos between 90 second and two minutes in length that provide how tos and advisor insight.
    • Re-interpret existing content: Collect the top motivational YouTube videos top eBooks, top webinars or infographics for your audience.
  • Keynote speaking engagements — take stats and concepts from blogs and weave them into keynote presentations.
  • Infographics — create an awesome infographic with the key ideas and findings.
  • White paper/ e-books — Add more detail to the blog, formalize the tone, add graphics and turn the blog into a white paper or ebook.
  • Press releases — If the blog contains industry trends, turn it into a press release.
  • Reports — create a report from the key findings and stats.
  • Surveys — conduct a survey based on hot questions and trends.
  • Facebook posts — schedule three to five Facebook posts using key points/insights from blog.
  • Twitter posts — schedule five to 10 tweets using key points/insights from blog.
  • LinkedIn announcements — send a LinkedIn group announcement featuring blog content.
  • LinkedIn posts — schedule three to five LinkedIn posts using key points/insights from blog.
By reusing and recycling content, financial advisors will benefit in a plethora of ways:
  • Save time and energy
  • Produce content that they know their audience likes
  • Producing a higher volume of content
  • Increase publicity and broaden reach
  • Boost search engine optimization
  • Breathe life into old content
  • Become the coolest financial advisor in town
How do you creatively re-purpose content?