Achieving financial goals in a bear market

By Cal Burgess

Retirement Servicing Group PLLC

In today’s bear market, volatility is a painful reality for the average investor. It seems as though the days of steady growth is a thing of the past.

The reality is that steady growth in any financial vehicle during a global recession is an unlikely event. Therefore the focus should not be on high returns, but instead on guaranteed income for life.

Unfortunately, the mindset of the average investor is to try and earn as much interest as possible to offset volatility along the way. The philosophy being, “the more interest I earn, the more money I have to live on.” In a bear market rarely does this philosophy pay off.

Today’s investor should not focus on high returns of interest, but instead guaranteed income with all the flexibility above and beyond the traditional pension plan. With the flexible pension plan, not only can an investor guarantee themselves an income stream they can never outlive, but also the flexibility to control the income at their discretion. Not to mention the ability to leave a legacy that will usually avoid probate.

Bottom line, steady growth on your cash should not be the focus in a bear market. The primary focus should be the ability to earn an income stream that you can never outlive regardless of how the market performs. When the ultimate goal is more income, today’s investor can accomplish this regardless of how their cash value performs.