Your clients need you to be on top of this

By Mark Mersman

USA Financial

We live in an incredibly interesting time. Our everyday vernacular would confuse the daylights out of past generations:

“I just tweeted about that.”

“I jumped on Facebook and saw…”

“Text me.”

“I Googled _____ and found…”

We have evolved into a “must have now,” immediate gratification society. Think back 25 years to when people actually waited for the newspaper to get their news. Nowadays, if you don’t know about a major news event within 20 minutes of it happening, you’re in the minority.

Your clients expect you to stay on top of the things that affect them, and filter through all of it to boil it down simply for them. Accessing websites that let you stay on top of great sales and marketing ideas is essential for you as a professional.

At the end of the day, a well-informed advisor is better equipped to stay on top of the latest regulatory items and topics that affect their clients, as well as those that affect their own business. Let’s face it, if you are out of business, you can’t do your clients much of a service.