Pirates of the Caribbean and prospecting

By SteveDrozdeck

Drozdeck & Assoc.

​Johnny Depp plays Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.

Imagine the following scenario. Capt. Sparrow is given a treasure map and learns there are fifty possible locations of the treasure on a particular island. Unfortunately, part of the map is missing so he doesn’t have the final clue as to which of the fifty locations has the legendary treasure.

He finds the first location. He and certain hand-picked crew dig and dig and dig. But after two days they decide that the treasure can’t be buried here.

What do they do?
    A. Stop searching because it wasn’t at the first location?

    B. Go to the next location and start digging again?
What would you do if you were Captain Sparrow?

Would you go back to the ship or to the next possible location on the map?

Of course, you’d go to the next point on the map, and then the next one and then the next one. Each location that didn’t have the treasure would be both disappointing and exciting.

Disappointing because there was a lot of digging for no results.

Exciting because you’re one step closer to finding the legendary treasure.

So, my question is: Why do some advisers quit prospecting?

Food for thought.