The sale isn't made in the close

By JHLynch

Sales First Aid

When I read articles written about selling, they usually pertain to the next best, greatest close or closing technique. I'm going to challenge that wisdom today.

Too many times sales professionals think that credibility comes with their display of knowledge. They feel that the prospect will be compelled to do business with them because they are smart, savvy and have an over flowing abundance of product or planning knowledge. Sorry, I don't agree.

It's not about the product, it's not about the presentation and it's not about experience. It's all about the start, not the close. In every prospect interview there are three essential elements that must be present: comfort, confidence and trust. Without any of these three we are sunk.

How does one go about establishing comfort, confidence and trust? Well, it's not by showing a flashy presentation. It's not by overwhelming them with features and benefits. It's also not done by using a canned, lame or predictable close.

It is done by establishing and agreeing to the process by which you conduct your prospect interview. By doing this you will start to foster the development of comfort, confidence and trust. If your prospect understands and agrees to the time needed for the interview as well as the planning process, comfort will follow.

If you allow the prospect the right to express their expectations as well as understand yours, confidence will follow. If you focus your attention on the need or problem that the prospect has, trust will follow.

Too may times the prospect interview is all about the sales person and not about the prospect. Send me a message and I will gladly share more with you on this topic.