What’s your rank? Climb the ranks on ProducersWEB

By Lauren McNitt


ProducersWEB launches new ranking system.

Until today, as a ProducersWEB member your ranking was solely based on the number of followers you have, but now you will receive recognition for many other site interactions.

You will receive points for contributing content including blogs and articles, as well as for interacting with other members by following them and commenting on their content. If you are one of our highest ranking members, your profile picture and a link to your profile will be visible in the footer on every page! These site leaders will include the top ranked members and companies over time and the fastest climbers (most points over last 90 days).


Here is a breakdown of how many points you will receive for each action as a member:
  • Articles: 12
  • Blogs: 8
  • Press release: 5
  • Events: 6
  • Announcement: 2
  • RSVP: 1
  • Liking content: 1
  • Following another member: 1
  • Gaining a follower: 3
  • Following an interest: 1
  • Commenting on content: 5
  • Adding your social media page links to your profile: 5
  • Receiving comments on your content: 5
  • Receiving likes on your content: 3
  • Creating a company profile: 50

Here is a breakdown of how many points you will receive for each action for your company. Soon you'll be able to cash in your ProducersWEB points for free advertising as well as other valuable products and services. Don't wait! Start earning points today. In fact, earn a few by posting a comment below to let us know what you think.

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